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Art in Motion

Mobiles and Stabiles sooth the artistic soul.

Each Work Individually Created

Original art enriches one's life.


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My Background

 I have not until this point in my life had the courage to create as a primary effort.  Doing so is a challenge.  No buffers - committees - or organizational evaluators; just you and me determining if we like it, if it pleases and should we spend more time with a particular piece.   

My Medium

I use a variety of industrial cylinders, blown  glass and aluminum in many of my works.  These materials allow for movement and reflection which enables each piece to constantly reinvent it's presence from moment to moment. 

My Inspiration

 I love unstructured kinetic art because it affords many different compositions in a single setting. A breath of air will change the composition and then it changes again offering an almost endless variety of composition in each piece.

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